OASIS Home Care Visit (DVD)


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OASIS Home Care Visit(DVD)-

A valuable training tool for NEW and SEASONED clinical staff.

This OASIS Home Visit DVD and User’s Guide is an educational tool for ongoing refinement of an integrated OASIS assessment visit. This OASIS DVD and User’s Guide is used by agencies across the country to enhance current OASIS education efforts. The DVD case scenario is used to discuss and clarify specific updated OASIS definitions during a joint OASIS home visit.

The Guide also provides a case study with a pre/post test to assess the effectiveness of the OASIS training program. Collegial discussions between nurses and therapists during the DVD activities enhance critical OASIS assessment and documentation skills.

Cultivating collegial practice, with the use of this OASIS Home Visit DVD and User’s Guide, further refines expert clinical skills within the home care setting.

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