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Organizational design

In today’s health care arena, organizations should periodically assess the design of their company. Designing and re-engineering organizational processes and practices can improve efficiencies, as well as decision making, and prevent delayed responses to the rapidly but significant changes in the health care system: all of which affect the bottom line.

RBC Limited Design and Re-Design Services:

  • Conduct comprehensive, integrated, organizational reviews of work flow processes and practices to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. Organizational design and re-design eliminates redundancies, dysfunctional or outdated structures and practices.
  • Help organizations have a clear vision, be prepared for disruptive innovations, and a plan for growth.
  • Dive deep into focused practice areas such as marketing, referral, operational, silo prevention, and billing analysis to streamline and effectuate revised goals including a collaborative team.
  • Strengthen current organizational structures to bolster fundamentals crucial to reform initiatives such as care management and bundling of services where re-designing structures and processes have impact on organizational bottom lines.
  • Provide remote and on site services to identify emerging best practices and industry innovations that enhance agency services and meet community and contract demands.

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