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Value Based Purchasing

Value Based Purchasing (VBP) is emerging for all healthcare payers, including Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial payers. It is a model of health care delivery that focuses on providing quality and efficient care, improving patient outcomes while decreasing the cost to deliver services. RBC Limited has been instrumental in assisting agencies with their STAR ratings, strategic planning, and
participating on VBP committees developing state plans.

Strategic Oversight Services

  • Identify and review all relevant reports that measure goal progression to meet critical elements for VBP;
  • Expand reliable and valid report measures to ensure adequate real time goal progression on specific Value Based Quality Measures;
  • Analyze all relevant data to ensure a 360 degree analytic review of all pertinent data that drives outcome progression;
  • Analyze, revise and refine agency current Performance Improvement Projects (PIP’s) to identify and refine practices and processes that support outcome achievement;
  • Deep drill analysis on critical data elements that support laser- focused PIP’s that identify potential barriers and hindrances to quality outcome goal progression and achievement;
  • Provide expert consultation during the execution of the PIP’s that address outcome achievement delays;
  • Provide goal oriented data driven leadership and staff training and updates to ensure provider staff have the most up to date CMS data related to the calculation of all elements that directly or indirectly impact Value Based Goal progression;
  • Provide remote and onsite services to identify emerging best practices and industry innovations that enhance quality outcomes and cultivate refined practice in the delivery of community care services;
  • Transformation of care practices inherent in Value Based Purchasing.

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