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Start Up/Operational Review Services

Starting a new business? Streamline your processes to initiate your operation with support services from RBC Limited.
We can help:

  • Establish a Business Plan with critical required elements for all start up initiatives. Business Plan includes all Federal and State regulatory mandates to operationalize and bill for home care services;
  • Complete Licensure, Medicaid, Fiscal Intermediary Applications;
  • Provide Policy and Procedures Manuals;
  • Provide other required operational standards including employee job descriptions and performance evaluations;
  • Support operational start up processes with on site and remote expert guidance;
  • Prepare for onsite pre-opening survey success;
  • Provide expert guidance on execution of contract services;
  • Orient staff to required personnel and job descriptions.

Accreditation Services

Pursuing and achieving accreditation status is the gold seal of approval for all healthcare providers. Additionally, contractors may require accreditation status to finalize a contract for vendor or partner status.

RBC Limited provides the following services for clients seeking Joint Commission, CHAP and/or ACHC Accreditation.

  • Perform an Accreditation Gap Analysis to identify action plan strategies to successfully implement accreditation standards;
  • Complete Accreditation application and/or pre-survey documents;
  • Provide required Policy and Procedure Updates to meet all regulatory and accreditation standards;
  • Perform Mock Surveys to prepare leadership and staff for successful completion of accreditation survey processes;
  • Provide onsite and/or remote expert guidance to clarify accreditation standards and modify processes and practices to meet accreditation standards.
  • Provide expert guidance to successfully address identified accreditation deficits and/or Plan of Correction needs.

Mock Survey Services

Comprehensive or focused on site surveys determine current regulatory and/or accreditation survey readiness.

RBC Limited can assess your survey readiness with a Mock Survey to identify priority issues that need to be addressed to ensure survey readiness and success.

  • Document review to ensure all policies and plans are updated to meet the most up to date regulations and standards;
  • Leadership and staff interviews to ascertain roles and responsibilities to achieve successful survey outcomes;
  • Joint home visits with clinical staff to identify home visit opportunities to strengthen practices to successfully achieve a positive survey outcome;
  • Provide leadership, staff and specialty education, as needed, to ensure survey readiness;
  • Provide remote and onsite services to identify emerging best practices and industry innovations that enhance survey readiness;
  • Develop an action plan to correct identified deficits to successfully prepare for survey.

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