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About Us

The award winning RBC Limited was founded in 1992 by Barbara B. Citarella. RBC Limited is dedicated to helping organizations adapt, transform and thrive in the ever changing, sometimes confusing, modern health care environment. We focus on success and performance strategies that capitalize on our client’s strengths and help them to engineer efforts to meet, and in most cases, exceed identified goals and priorities.

We have a proven, extensive track record and that is exemplified by our many association and organizational relationships. RBC Limited has been a trusted industry partner in business for over 25 years. We are forward thinkers committed to exceptional client services. Your goals are our goals. Our success is measured by your success.

Representation from RBC Limited participate on many advisory, professional and governing boards/committees such as CDC’s One and Only Campaign and the NYS Department of Health Value Based Purchasing Regulatory Impact Subcommittee. We have served as subject matter experts to a myriad of organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, ASPR TRACIE, National Association for Home Care and Hospice, and the American Medical Association.

RBC Limited is recognized as the only expert in disaster preparedness for the home care and hospice industry.


We are passionate about our work and clients. We strive to produce collaborative client centered services that meet your expectations, needs, culture, vision, and goals. We want our clients to be successful and a valued partner in the healthcare continuum.


Our vision for our company is to be an innovative leader in expert client services to strengthen the quality of home care, hospice, PACE, End Stage Renal Disease, Family Qualified Health Centers and other outpatient care providers on a national and global level.

RBC Limited: Guiding Principles

  • Integrity, honesty and ethics
  • Commitment and respect
  • Client Centered
  • Collaborative
  • Responsive
  • Solution Oriented
  • Exceptional Outcomes

Our National and State Partners

We have partnerships with governmental, national, state health care organizations and associations.

Our Clients

Our clients are varied in size, location and services. We work with large health care systems as well as smaller privately owned companies. What do our clients think of us? Here are just a few comments:

“Innovative yet Practical in Approach”

“Solution Oriented in a Challenging Landscape”

“Committed to Quality and Customer Satisfaction”

“Astute Professionals Who Can and Have Walked in Your Shoes”

“Timely, Insightful Guidance”

“Exemplified pure professionalism, sincerity, and always true to your word. These qualities are hard to come by these days”

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