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Published Articles

RBC Limited Articles

"OIG Tackles Face to Face Encounters" (4/2014)

FEMA's "Going Off Grid" Guide (3/2014)

"2013 PPS Updates" (4/2013)

CMS's "OASIS-C1 Item Changes" (2/2013)

"2013 Buzzwords in Health Care Reform" (1/2013)

"Health Care Reform- Is There A Role For Home Care?" (7/2012)


The Educator – Home Care Association of New York State, Inc.

"ICD-10 is Coming" (12/2012)

Best Practices- Home Care Association of New Hampshire

OASIS-C and Drug Regimen Review” (4/2011)


The Informed Home Health Clinician - Tim Rowan's Technology Report


Emergency Preparedness Publications

  • “Infection Control and Prevention In Shelters During A Disaster” (APIC EDP Committee Document) 2008
  • “Reuse of Particulate Respirator Masks In A Pandemic” (APIC EDP Committee Document) 2008
  • “Home Care and Hospice’s Role in a Pandemic Flu” (Health and Human Services) 2008
  • “National Response Framework” (DHS Committee) 2007-2008
  • “Interim Emergency Planning Guidelines for Special Needs Population” (DHS Committee) 2007-2008


Home Health Line (HHL)

"A hurricane predicted? Don't procrastinate, an expert advises" 12/3/2012


Caring Magazine - National Association for Home Care

  • “Pandemic Flu: A National Update”  2007
  • “Syndromic Surveillance” 2004
  • “Data Management”
  • “By the Numbers: Using Blended Reports for Data Based Decision Making” (2003)
  • “Home Care’s Role in a Bioterrorist Event” 2002
  • “Antibiotic Resistant Diseases” 1998


Remington Report

  • “PPS Study Reveals Surprising Results” 2007
  • “OASIS Integrity” 2003
  • “PPS-Developing An Education Plan” 2000
  • “Supply Management under PPS” 2000
  • “Nursing Shortage- Condition Critical” 2001


Success Magazine

  • “Pandemic Flu”  2006


Nursing Management

  • “Occupational Exposure to HIV” 1999