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Do you and your team become frustrated with stagnant or substandard Quality Outcomes? Do you ever review your Home Care Compare or CMS CASPER Reports and wonder how other competing providers perform so much better on certain outcomes? RBC Limited has worked with providers across the country for the past fifteen years to enhance both agency goals and outcomes. Testimonies from our clients indicate RBC Limited is the driving force to jump-start and renew agency processes and practices that ensure their outcomes exceed competitor outcomes. Surviving and thriving in the new Health Care Reform Era mandates providers demonstrate clinical excellence in both financial and quality outcome indicators. RBC Limited, as experts in OASIS & PPS Coding, can assist your organization.

RBC Limited offers a number of focused consultative services to enhance agency goals and outcomes and ensure you remain an efficient, effective provider that meets the challenges of health care reform. Health Care Reform initiatives will require all certified providers to meet practices that evidence excellence. How will you ensure your agency effectively meets those legislative and community priorities?

Consultative Services that Promote Outcome Excellence:

• Expert analysis of current agency practices and processes that impact achievement of sustained quality outcome success. On site and phone consultation services that explore and direct provider focus to embed OASIS Best Practices and enhance agency quality Outcomes and Home Care Compare scores & maintain PPS regulatory compliance.

• Development and implementation of refined leadership and clinician practices that embed and sustain OASIS & PPS Best Practices. Orientation, clinical competencies and ongoing monitoring processes that enhance assessment and documentation practices to reflect excellent care and services.

• Effective audit and monitoring processes that cultivates advancing clinician learning curves to avoid repetition and corrective processes. Refined clinical management practices that promote accuracy and efficiency in the provision and documentation of care and services.

• Inter-rater reliability practices that promote OASIS competencies and advance clinical practices to met regulatory and professional standards. Successfully integrate these practices into agency leadership roles with expert consultation that promotes adult learner standards.

Call RBC Limited for further information on a customized, results oriented service that will ensure your agency effectively addresses your outcome frustrations. Ensure your practices and outcomes meet the challenges for Health Care Reform. Be part of your community’s upcoming home health care solutions in a dynamic and competitive industry. RBC Limited is your partner for Outcome Excellence.

RBC Limited also offers the popular OASIS Home Care Visit (DVD) in our web store. Please clink on the link for a detailed product description and price. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any questions on our OASIS/PPS services and products.

OASIS Home Care Visit (DVD)