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Agency effectiveness and efficiencies are critical for success in the revised PPS Home Health Era.  How can you ensure that your agency is selecting and assigning precise ICD-10-CM codes to guarantee accurate quality outcomes and agency reimbursement?  Expanded CMS audit initiatives further focus on inconsistent and inaccurate code practices.  Protect your agency by advancing effective ICD-10-CM Code Practices.

RBC Limited is nationally recognized for providing consultative services that promote effective and efficient home health coding practices.  Your success in this Prospective Payment Era hinges on precise ICD-10-CM Coding. Our certified coding experts can assist your organization, just as we have done with many state associations. Let RBC Limited be your partner for Code and Outcome Excellence

RBC Limited offers a number of focused consultative services to enhance agency code practices that meets compliance and agency goals: 

  • • Expert analysis (on site and remote) of current agency code practices and processes that impact achievement of accurate code selection and assignment. 

  • • Development and implementation of refined agency practices that embed and sustain ICD-10-CM Code Best Practices. 

  • • Effective audit and monitoring that ensures agency identifies and corrects high-risk code practices.  Consultative services that complement agency compliance practices and proactively mitigates adverse CMS audit initiatives.


  • • Establishes fundamental ICD-10 education and proactive agency process initiatives to ensure success with upcoming Code changes.


Call RBC Limited for further information on a customized, results oriented service that will ensure your agency effectively addresses effective, efficient code practices.